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About Us

Hi, we are Stefanie & Kutloano, a couple from two different worlds.


Hailing from Jo’burg – widely regarded the most dangerous city in the world – and a little, rather tranquil and quiet town in the Erzgebirge, our backgrounds couldn’t be more different. We met in Jo’burg, travelled through Germany, did the long-distance thing, got married in Cape Town and finally have decided it’s time for a change and some travelling. We use what we have, put our heads together and hit the road. We come from two continents, two different nations, two different cultures, two different lifestyles.

We’ve been living and working in Cape Town for the past 2+ years, so it’s about time for something new. Since we couldn’t shake the feeling of being stuck, we decided it’s time for something new. Where it will lead us – we don’t really know yet, but with our 1001 different ideas and plans this journey won’t get boring.

About this blog

On twosometravels.com we’re writing about our travels as a couple. You’ll soon notice that our different world collide with a bang more often than they don’t. And sometimes they complement each other. And just as we as a couple combine different backgrounds, languages, cultures and worlds, this blog reflects and showcases this mixture. Well, it’s supposed to.

Since we moved back to Germany recently our communication has changed more than anything – we speak a mixture of “Denglish”. And just like we can’t separate our different world, cultures and now also languages, we don’t want to separate them here on this blog. Therefore you’ll find a mixture of German and English posts. Some will be translated, others not.

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