Waterford Wine Estate

Cape Winelands – Our Top 3 Favourite Wine Estates

If you’ve been to Cape Town before, you already know that the winelands surrounding Cape Town offer some of the best wines in the country. South African wines in general are considered some of the best wines worldwide.

After I had first moved to Cape Town over 2 years ago, I wasn’t what you’d call a wine drinker. Actually, quite the contrary. Well, that has changed and I had the chance to visit some of the beautiful wine estates around the “Mother City”. Even Kutloano has developed a liking and taste for wines. Therefore, we simply have to share some of our favourite wine estates that we’ve visited.

Waterford Wine Estate

Waterford Wine Estate

By far my personal favourite is Waterford Wine Estate. Not only do they offer a chocolate and wine tasting, but they also happen to produce one of the most delicious desert wines I’ve ever tasted.

After our wedding we actually took my family and friends (who had come all the way from Germany) to this estate. They loved it, too.Waterford Wine Estate

The drive way is flanked by lush plants and the natural yellow-orange looking natural stones with which the estate is build, make you feel like you are in Tuscany. As you walk up the stairs and into a courtyard you will pass through an archway. A cute little fountain will greet you here. To your left and right are tables and chairs where you can choose to have your wine tasting.

Waterford Wine Estate Brunnen

Morgenster Wine Estate

Another beautiful estate in a stunning setting is Morgenster, which is situated close to Somerset West. The Wine and Olive Farm offers a unique tasting experience: olive oil.

Morgenster Wine Estate

Set in the Helderberg region of the Stellenbosch Winelands, Morgenster looks out over a small lake towards a stunning mountainside. Choose to have your Wine and olive oil tasting on the shaded terrace with views of the stunning Helderberg Mountains.

Once you’ve settled in and taken plenty of photos, you will be served three different olive oils which are produced on the farm. A friendly staff member will explain to you, how you should hold the little glass in the palm of your hand to warm the oil, so that it has the best temperature to drink, while covering the glass with your other hand to preserve the aroma. Indeed, you drink it. And only after you have taken a sip, you can dip the bread into the remaining olive oil. This might not be for everybody’s taste buds, but if you feel a bit adventurous, you should really give it a try.

Morgenster Wine Estate

Verede en Lust Wine Estate

Not as stunningly situated perhaps, but in itself awe inspiring, is the Vrede en Lust Estate in the Franschhoek Valley. This estate is in fact so beautiful, that I wanted to have our wedding here. That was before seeing the venue hire fee. Well, we didn’t have our wedding here, but couldn’t resist to take my family and friends to see the estate. And do the wine tasting.

There’s so many other wine estates, which really stand out, but we can’t name them all. Perhaps just a few more for good measure. We also recommend The House of JC Le Roux (try to go for a Champagne breakfast) or Hillcrest Wine Estate in Durbanville (try to go for an open air movie in the quarry).

Did you know…?

The Cape Winelands actually consist of three separate wine regions: Stellenbosch, Franschhoek (the “French corner”) and Paarl. I have put together an informative eBook to guide you around Cape Town where I will also go more into detail and introduce you to some of the estates in those three regions.

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