Sunrise over the Erzgebirge

Erzgebirge, a natural beauty

Exploring the woods

We travel far and wide, always looking for a new destination to explore. Thailand with its amazing islands and Cape Town with the overwhelming sight of Table Mountain towering over the city bowl have their obvious attractions. Often we forget to see the beauty in what we know so well. Since moving back to Germany however, I have been discovering a completely new appreciation for the natural beauty that my home, the Erzgebirge, has to offer. As kid I took it for granted, now I am admiring the peacefulness, quietness and tranquillity right on my doorstep.

Not only can I overlook the Czech Erzgebirge from my window, but I also have access to a variety of hiking and cycling trails that begin only mere meter from my door. What we lack in shopping centres and entertainment, we make up for with outdoor activities and nature. I’m truly thankful for this chance to re-discover my home, to learn to see it with different eyes. And what I see is really amazingly beautiful.
Our dog Lora has been my reliable companion on my trips through the woods of my childhood:

Erzgebirge Sunrise

View towards the Czech side of the Erzgebirge. You can just make out a few houses that belong to our  Czech neighbouring town Potůčky.

Winter in the Erzgebirge

Last but not least let me whet your appetite for the best time of the year to visit the Erzgebirge: Winter. These pictures are courtesy of my dad, who enjoys skiing through the untouched landscapes when everything is covered in powdery white snow:

Winter sun in the Erzgebirge Winter sun in the Erzgebirge Winter sun in the ErzgebirgeWinter sun in the Erzgebirge

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