With a modern yet traditional bavarian look, surrounded by majestic mountains, and with a population of about 62 000 people is a lovely town called Kempten. It is one of the towns in Allgäu, a well-known region named after the Allgäu river. It welcomes you with it’s beautiful, traditional and peaceful atmosphere.

“Where is everybody?”

At first, it seemed as though there were no people around, but this was one and the first of many parts of Kempten.

Here one could take a walk through the city centre with quite a lot to see including an underground museum and a variety of options for the shoppers.

So… perhaps you once wanted to be a model superstar but never made it and now it’s just a dream or a fantasy. Well, in the evening you can have your 3 min or so of fame “modelling” through the walkway in between the many restaurants and cafes , it’s like a fashion runway! – It looks pretty glamorous in the evening, the lights, music and fancy dressed people dining and socialising. Fashion show. So yeah, you could go ahead and see how many heads you can turn, once you’re done showing off you’ll have waiters waiting to serve you at the restaurant or cafe of your choice 😉



About 39km to 50km away from Kempten is a wonderful place to get your adrenaline going – If you love adventure, a bit of speed (way more than ‘a bit’ ) and don’t mind heights, you can make your way to the Alpsee Coaster at Alpsee Bergwelt for some thrilling downhill fun. It starts slow but after the first corner, speed is the name of the game! Approximately 3000 metres of swinging, sliding and swerving down the hill – It’s just awesome. Plus they are open in summer and winter time, how cool is that. There’s lots more to do with friends or family here, you can have lunch in the mountain hills. We even we saw a wedding celebration there, now there’s an idea!




Do you know Sleeping Beauty? How about Monuments Men? Or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Well not too far from Kempten, is the popular Neuschwanstein Castle near Hohenschwangau in southern Bavaria, which is said to have inspired Sleeping Beauty’s castle and appears in Monuments Men, Chitty chitty Bang bang as well as one of my favourite shows Amazing Race, and many others. It’s definitely a must-see with breathtaking views of the surroundings. It was fascinating to see a lake in the distance belonging to one of the nearby towns, with a church tower sticking out the middle of the river. Quite the interesting story behind it.

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Peace, calm, beauty, nature, serenity; Breitachklamm. We hiked up, down, over, maybe under, and through the popular Breitachklamm. It’s beautiful, charming and gracious. Birds singing, water flowing so loud and yet soothing to the ear. If you love nature and hiking, don’t think twice 😉

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Freibergsee is hidden by a forest near Oberstdorf, where you can swim, kayak, take a pedal boat for a spin or just eat some ice cream and be awed by the captivating scenery. You might not like walking lengthy distances, but it’s worth it.


Not only is Kempten enthralling in summer but we’re told that Kempten looks just as admirable in winter. It’is truly Amazing. So is our host! That’s an official recommendation :-)

So if you’re planning on going somewhere, I hope it’s Kempten. And if you want to, do share your beautiful pics with us we’d love to get in on your experience too! 😉


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