Thailand Ocean View by Kai Lehmann

Our Thailand Trip – Part 1

It’s done. Signed and sealed. Our Asia trip – aka Thailand trip – is about to begin. After months of (first) dreaming, (then) planning and (lastly) booking detail after detail for our trip, it’s now only a week away. I have to admit, even after days and weeks of reading up on Thailand I still don’t know what to expect. But that’s the fun in it, right?

The planning

I admit it – planning ANYTHING with me is difficult. Why? Well, because I always see something new, find new information and reviews and have the habit of adjusting my plans as I go along my research. I guess that’s normal. It would even be ok if I was travelling by myself, but since we’re travelling as a couple my constant changing of plans can become exhausting (I’m sure Kutloano will vouch for that).

I mean, even the idea to visit Thailand was one of my spontaneous ideas. We had been planning and preparing to move from Cape Town to Germany when I woke up one morning and my mind was set on going to Thailand. The idea was so abrupt that it took some explaining (and some convincing). Well, I guess he’s kinda used to this by now.

The destinations

After Thailand, more countries in South East Asia were added to the list of destinations and the time frame was set to be 2-3 months. Needless to say our destination list increased and shrunk again and so did the timeframe. Finally, we concluded on 30 days in Thailand only. Half of the time we’ll be on the Andaman Sea (monsoon season yeah!!!) and the other half on Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand.

We decided to travel in low season – on purpose. We want to avoid the tourist masses. And I had my own (not so secret) reason: from May onwards you can go surfing on Kata Beach. At least so I read. Since I had to leave my weekly surf sessions behind in Cape Town, I am now looking forward to try surfing in Thailand. I’m sure I will post more on the topic soon (I really can’t wait!!!).

The bucket list

We have a to-do list – sort of. More like a bucket list of things we definitely want to do in Thailand. Guess what’s number 1 on mine?

  • Surfing
  • Diving (dive course)
  • Snorkelling
  • Sea kayaking

Yeah, I just love water and everything I can do in, under and on it. There’ll be more on the list, but I’ll have to think long and hard.

Koh Phangan was Kutloano’s bucket list number 1 as there are many activities there that he wants to do (first and foremost jet ski). If and when we get to do things from our bucket list, you’ll hear/read about it.

The accommodation

Finding accommodation in Thailand can be easy – I guess. I found it exhausting, because one place looks better than the next and you keep changing your mind on where you want to stay and how often you want to move places.

We started off wanting to stay in nice places and change accommodation every few days. Then we thought of winging it and just decide when we get there. That plan didn’t quite work out for us though and we had to admit to ourselves that we prefer things a little more organized and planned out. In the end we decided on staying long in one place and explore the attractions around us on day trips. And we went from looking for nice places to nice-rustic places. In the end we decided on Rico’s Bungalows on Kata Beach (Phuket) and OK Bungalows on Wok Tum Bay (Koh Phangan). The last couple of nights in Thailand aren’t booked yet – so there’s room for suggestions. Any recommendations for Railay or Ao Nang Beach?

The end


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