At Salaad Beach

Our Favourite Thailand Pictures

We owe you…

We’ve spent 30 days in Thailand, namely on Phuket, Koh Phangan and in Krabi and believe us – we are aware that we still owe you some stories, insights and mainly pictures of this time in South East Asia. It hasn’t been forgotten – I mean, how could we possible forget?

The time since we got back has simply gone by so quick…

You’ll see soon that we haven’t been lazy those past weeks. Amongst other things we went to Berlin and Munich and gathered a vast amount of pictures which we can’t wait to share with you. But before we go any further, let us start to make up for what we still owe you. Here’s some of our favourite Thailand pictures, taken in May/June 2015.

The sunsets

Taking pictures of the sunset

(Almost) every evening you could find me trying to capture the sunset. I’m a sunset addict…

At Salaad Beach

A lone boat – on Haad Salaad.

Sunset at Salaad Beach

Sunset on Salaad Beach. It was a rare occasion to be able to see the sunset behind a usually dense cloud cover. This was one of the rare evening that we got to watch this sunset spectacular.

Salaad Beach

I love the sunset light. Even more when it is contrasted by a cloudy sky, heavy with approaching thunderstorms. One of our last evenings on Koh Phangan brought about this amazing contrast of the reflecting sun and dark skies. It was a fitting way to saz goood bye – bitter sweet.

Sunset at Salaad Beach

Another beautiful sunset over the ocean at Salaad Beach.

The islands

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is famous for its many islands, some of which we visited on a day tour. There are no more words needed – simply stunning!

James Bond Island

We weren’t so lucky to avoid crowds at James Bond Island. I doubt it is even possible. Taking this picture without anybody walking into the frame was quite the challenge. While it is certainly a nice sight to visit, I wouldn’t call it a must-see on your Thailand trip.

View from James Bond Island

Unnamed island (or rather: an island with a name unknown to me) – beautiful, tranquil and majestic.

Naka Island

A dip in the sea on Naka Island. Certainly relaxing with a nice view and some water sports available to you.

The ocean
Snorkelling on Koh Phangan

I went underwater at Koh Phangan and got rewarded with some remarkable close-ups of these little guys. Initially I had planned for a dive course. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. So I have something on my bucket list for the next trip.

Snorkelling Phi Phi Ley

On Koh Phi Phi Ley we even got to snorkel together. The fish were few, but the experience was amazing nonetheless.

The food
Thai food on the beach

I’ve been looking forward to Thai food before we started our trip and I mus say – it didn’t disappoint. This particular dish was my personal favourite – garlic, salt and pepper pork with a view! The low-carb option for me – and still super yummy!

Street Food

The street food was THE highlight of our trip. I am a big fan of the delicious salad that goes so nicely with the variety of meat you can purchase at the vendors. We tried pork, beef, chicken, sausages and prawns.

Fruit Market

Ohhh, and the markets of course – another favourite! Though the smell might not be inviting, it is worth giving it a try. Apart from meat on sticks you can choose between several prepared Thai dishes or browse the fruit stalls for a shot of vitamin C.

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