New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve in Cape Town

Let me pose a question here: “Where would you go on New Year’s Eve in Cape Town?” Surely, Cape Town has its fair share of New Year’s Eve parties and you can go there if that’s your fancy, however, being in Cape Town offers some really incredible spots to celebrate the new year where a party will be the last thing on your mind.

For one, Cape Town boasts an UNESCO World Heritage Site – Table Mountain. And who wouldn’t want to be on Table Mountain when the countdown for the new year begins? Some might fancy something more “civilised” (with less nature all around) – the V&A Waterfront might be the right venue for you. And others might look for a soft ocean breeze – where better to find that than at the beach? Cape Town has it all.

I have just spent my fourth New Year’s Eve in Cape Town (Happy New Year, everyone!) and have tried all three of these aforementioned options. This time Kutloano and I decided on the beach. At around 11pm we headed out and took a nice stroll down to Blouberg Beach – wearing flip flops and t-shirt and enjoying a warm breeze. In my naiveté I hadn’t considered that there might be crowds, but of course there were. Admittedly – I’ve never spent a new year’s eve in Cape Town without crowds. If you leave your house on 31st December it’s your own fault. I should’ve know.

Once we found a nice spot we sat down and enjoyed the fireworks around – and right above – us. To give you a glimpse, I’ve put together this little video:

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